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Submitting Your Own Art Work:

To enable us to give you a quality, efficient service, and to save you money, we would appreciate if you could take a few moments to read the following points.

Printed proof with latest corrected changes MUST accompany each job. If sending artwork by E-mail, a proof MUST be faxed to our office on 031-3127300
Fonts MUST accompany each job or convert text to curves/paths. (Any queries please E-mail)
We do not guarantee the right fonts in job if these are not supplied.
Please ensure you set up your document to the exact size you want printed.
eg. A4 not Letter size. DL Cards are 99mm x 210mm. If unsure, please check before starting your artwork. If creating an A4 Brochure please check with us regarding margins depending on the fold. (This is important)

If material has bleeds off your page artwork, please include an extra 10mm all round, no more, no less.
When creating multiple documents such as business cards, please ensure each is on a separate page of the correct size, (eg 90mm x 55mm).
Check if your job is to be printed in Pantone (Spot) or 4 colour process (CMYK). Then make sure all colours in your job are all one or the other. Do NOT use RGB. (Microsoft Word uses only RGB so we CANNOT accept spot colour documents in word).
Colour scans supplied to us with your documents MUST be in CMYK format (NOT RGB) and preferably 300DPI. Check that all picture boxes have a white fill behind the pic unless deep etched.
ALL images used in your document are to be supplied with job, even if they are embedded.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR JOB THOROUGHLY and check with us. If time has to be spent correcting document sizes, colours, checking fonts, or incompatibility, a charge of R70 an hour will be imposed for time taken to make corrections and changes.
We DO NOT take responsibility for the quality of photos not scanned by us.
We DO NOT guarantee correct colours in either Publisher or Word.

Colour Matching

Where scans are supplied, the original should also be supplied as a guide for colour matching purposes. Due to varying scan quality, an accurate colour CANNOT be guaranteed.
Digital proofs (inkjet/laser print etc) are not accurate four colour proofs. Accurate colour cannot be guaranteed.
Check if your job is to be printed in Pantone (Spot) or 4 colour process (CMYK). Then make sure all colours in your job are all one or the other. Do not use RGB.


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